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Following the surprise success of my initial fansite for Derren Nesbitt
, which has so far attracted over 20,000 hits in the short time it has been running, I now turn my attention to another worthy unsung hero of both stage and screen.

Therefore I present for your enjoyment, the distinguished Royal Shakespearian Company actor - Anthony Higgins.

I chose Anthony for three reasons.

The first is that quite simply he is a brilliant classically trained actor whom I have been a big fan of for a long time, since his early appearances in Hammer films and his stand-out turn in 'Young Sherlock Holmes'.

The second is that his talents should be deserving of a lot more attention & recognition, so I hope to do him justice. 

The final reason is that I met him at last at a signing convention and he proved to be a true gentleman and answered my questions with a lot of enthusiasm and real charm.

Apologies for being 'off air' for a short while.

As you can see I have been freshening up the site!

Ready for some great new updates!



Vampire Circus arrives on Blu-ray!

Those with multi-region Blu-ray and DVD players can avail themselves with a brand new release of 'Vampire Circus'.

This new Blu-ray/DVD combo edition can be purchased from

Unfortunately the Blu-ray is regionally coded 'A', meaning the majority of us will have to wait for a UK 'B' version instead!


'Zen' the new BBC detective series has just been released on DVD.

It contains all three recently screened episodes, featuring Anthony in a somewhat sinister role as the Head of The Ministry. 

Watch this space for details on who is offering the best price and Blu-ray availability.


'Malice in Wonderland' is now available to buy on DVD for only £4.03 from Amazon.


For a really good and uncut version of 'Vampire Circus', try and pick up the now rare Hammer Vampire Boxset. It also contains 'Countess Dracula' and 'Twins of Evil'.


Apparently you can now purchase an uncut R2 DVD of 'Flavia', for just under £5.00 from such online suppliers as Play and Amazon. Incredible really, considering the strong subject material. Hopefully the U.K. version will match its U.S. counterpart (above), which contained a nice restored anamorphic widescreen print and special features, including a recent interview with Flavia (Florinda Balkan) herself.          


Though deserving of a much better treatment (and print), you can now own 'Young Sherlock Holmes' on DVD. It is currently available on both U.S. & U.K. formats. Buy one now and hope that one day they will finally get around to releasing a worthy special edition. 


For as little as £4.99 from Play, it is now the perfect opportunity to purchase one of Anthony's recent performances, in the excellent BBC series 'Heroes and Villains'. He appears in the Napoleon episode as 'Dugommier'.


These two Lynda La Plante DVDs featuring appearances by Anthony, can both be purchased for only £1 each from Poundland stores.




This section allows fans to post any comments or questions that other readers or film buffs can answer or shed further light on.

I'll start the ball rolling by asking; - out of the many questions I put to Anthony, the only one I didn't ask him was, 'what prompted him to change his name from Corlan to Higgins?' Does anyone know?

Roger Schofield writes: Having recently watched Anthony on the Lewis programme on ITV, it brought me back to my childhood. I was at School with him and he was a fan of Hiawatha, enjoying reading the poem aloud. P
erhaps he can remember the Junior School in his home town. I am pleased he has done so well for himself.

Annie writes: Hey, I've been checking out your Anthony Higgins website, love it. Just thought I'd drop you a line. There's actually not a lot of websites online that splash much info about him, other than yours and a Russian fansite I've been going on. Still many things I wonder about him. I only have a small collection of his movies but definitely looking into more. Nice to see you had the opportunity to meet him.

Yvonne Lowe (nee Higgins) writes: I think you will find that Anthony Higgins has always been "Higgins", I am wondering where the "Corlan" surname has come from? The reason I say this, is because I am certain he is my late father's cousin, and therefore my cousin (my former maiden name is Yvonne Higgins). My late father's name was Patrick Joseph Higgins from Douglas in Cork. I believe that Anthony's father was my Grandfather's (Timothy Higgins), brother. I believe Anthony's parents moved to England from Ireland. My Father married an English woman (my mother), and moved to London. My father lost track of Anthony many years ago, although I do understand that my parents travelled back from Ireland to England on the Innisfallen from Cork to Swansea - together one year when I was about 2/3 (I am now 56 !!!), and Anthony was also very young. Not that I can remember it myself! My Dad's sister, (Marget Collins), used to send us newspaper cuttings about Anthony - particularly with regard to the Draughtsman's Contract and everyone was very proud of him and his achievements and I was very jealous because I also wanted to be an actress and begged my father to send me to a stage school. My father was always talking about him and how he was a member of the RSC. Although I have personally never met Anthony (apart from coming back to England on the Irish Ferry!) I am intrigued to know where this Corlan name has come from, as I have never heard this before?
ps: If I have got any of the above details wrong - it is because my Dad has been dead for over 30 years and he is the one that would have known the exact details. (I would not want Anthony to think that I was fabricating anything that related to him or his family!)

Keep emailing me with your kind comments, questions and requests. If Anthony or any of his family or friends visit this site, they will see that his work is very much appreciated by his many fans.

'Mr Neville' in The Draughtsman's Contract

'Professor Moriarty' (post credits) in Young Sherlock Holmes

'Johann Strauss' in Strauss Dynasty.
His most recent film role as 'Rex' in Malice in Wonderland
'Count Ludwig' in the Marple episode 'The Secret of Chimneys'.
Original movie poster for 'Vampire Circus'.
His most recent on-screen performance in the TV series 'Zen'.
Another German, this time from 'Tales of the Unexpected'.

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My Favourite Anthony Higgins' Films
1/ Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear
2/ 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns
3/ The Draughtsman's Contract
4/ Vampire Circus
5/ One Against the Wind (AKA The Mary Lindell Story)

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: Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies, factual errors or other information that you would like to see included. As I have only put this fansite together after researching various source materials and following a rare personal appearance by Anthony, where I posed a number of questions to him. My views and opinions have also been expressed in my own inimitable fashion, after viewing his many film/TV shows (hence the inclusion of the numerous stills). This is the same way I constructed the sister site and these labours of love are dedicated to the many true fans out there. Therefore please refrain from leaving any disparaging remarks on the 'Guestbook', as you are spoiling it for them.


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